Monday, April 25, 2011

Severe Weather Outbreaks Likely Today, Tomorrow & Wednesday

The above image shows the latest Severe Weather Outlook for today from the SPC in Norman, OK.  While severe thunderstorms are possible anywhere within the yellow shaded areas on the map above, an enhanced risk of severe storms, including possibly damaging tornadoes, is forecast within the area shaded in red.

The enhanced risk area includes Ft. Smith, Little Rock, Memphis, Texarkana, Shreveport, Paris, McAlester, Tyler and Longview.  (It is just to the immediate East of the Dallas area as well).

Strong to severe storms are ongoing at the present time across portions of southwest Arkansas, where a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 11am CDT:

This activity is expected to continue Eastward this morning with damaging winds and hail the greatest threats.  The activity may strengthen and reorganize further to the East by early afternoon, and more significant severe weather development is possible by that time.  This activity is really a completely separate event compared to what is likely to redevelop later today and tonight, so please don't feel that once this activity has passed that the threat of severe weather has ended - because it has not!

More vigorous severe weather development is expected to take place by early to mid-afternoon from southcentral and southeast Oklahoma into northcentral and northeast Texas, then move East/Northeast into adjacent portions of Arkansas and Louisiana by late afternoon and into this evening.  Very large hail, damaging winds and strong tornadoes will be possible with this activity.

This will only be the first of several days of widespread severe weather.  Below are the latest SPC severe weather outlooks for tomorrow and Wednesday, respectively:


The Planet Pink said...

Hi Rob, my friend pointed me to your blog and I'm so glad! I have a complicated fear/fascination with storms. :-) I like to know all I can and yet I don't want them to happen to me. Tricky for an Okie. Haha. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to expect in Tulsa tonight. We seem to be sort of on the cusp for severe weather? Some places seem to think the action will be focused to the south of us... Thanks. I promise not to bother you too much!

Rob In Texas said...

Planet Pink, thanks for the comment!

I wouldn't be too worried about significant severe weather in Tulsa today (or tonight for that matter). I think the best chance will be Southeast of town. Some storms could produce some marginally severe hail in the Tulsa area this afternoon, but I think that heavy rain will be the main threat (and we sure could use some of that rain in Texas, so feel free to send it our way!)

The Planet Pink said...

You are welcome to it! Haha. I'm pretty sure it has not stopped some form of rain since yesterday morning. I am currently living in a swamp. I'm actually in awe of the amount we're seeing right now. And thanks for your response.