Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Severe Weather Update

Intense thunderstorms continue across a large part of the Eastern third of the U.S. at this time:

Below is a close-up of the most intense activity across the Southeast:

Tornado Watches continue across these areas:

If you live in any of the above watch areas, or in any of the purple or red outlined areas on the latest severe weather outlook map below, please stay very alert overnight and be prepared to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches your area:


The Planet Pink said...

Are these storms moving East or Northeast now? I have family in Augusta which is exactly east of these storms, and yet it's not included in the tornado watch.

Rob In Texas said...

Planet Pink, most are moving Northeast, some of the most severe are moving East (the often turn "right" when they mature, resulting in a more Easterly motion).

The Augusta area may find itself threatened later tonight or toward dawn (by storms currently over southern Alabama and southwest Georgia, assuming the storms are able to hold together as they move East, which is a good possibility given the current conditions across the region.

Additional watches are likely later tonight.

The Planet Pink said...

Thank you!