Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brief Recap of Tuesday's Activity - More to Come...

I've received several e-mails asking for a "tally" of yesterday's severe weather reports.  Below is the preliminary storm report map from the SPC for yesterday:

Red icons are tornado reports, blue icons are severe wind reports and green icons are large hail reports.  So far, there have been 58 tornado reports for Tuesday.  Keep in mind that this will likely change (some of the reports could end up being the same tornado reported by 2 or 3 spotters, etc.).

There were a total of 673 reports of tornadoes, severe winds and hail yesterday.  Regardless of how the final numbers come out, it was a very active severe weather day to say the very least.

I would expect even more reports from today's outbreak that is currently getting underway...

I will make one or more detailed posts over the coming days which will highlight some of the more significant events of the week, once the storms have ceased and damage surveys are complete, etc., so stay tuned!

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