Tuesday, April 5, 2011

38 Hours of Severe Weather - and Still Ticking...

A Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watch has been in effect for some part of the central or eastern U.S. for the last 38 hours straight (as of 8am CDT).  During that period of time, 23 watches have been issued by the SPC in Norman, OK, and over 1500 reports of severe weather have been received (324 on Sunday, 1168 on Monday and 38 so far today).

The above image shows the latest Tornado (red) and Severe Thunderstorm (blue) watches that are currently in effect.  Thunderstorm activity in the Northern watch area is about to move offshore, as shown by the latest radar image below:

In Florida, the southern watch area, thunderstorms still have a way to go, with the line of activity currently traversing the middle third of the state: 

This line of storms will continue to progress to the Southeast across the state today, with damaging winds and large hail possible in stronger storms.

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