Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rare California Tornado Captured on Video near Chico 5/25/11

Below is an impressive video (by California standards) of the tornado that I originally blogged about in the bost at the bottom of this thread yesterday evening.  The tornado becomes visible at about 6 to 7 seconds in, and the control room finally decided to pull down their caption at the bottom of the screen after awhile so that you can see the whole thing...

------------------Original post from 8:21 PM CDT 5/25/11 is below:

The above radar image shows a tornadic circulation in the storm just South of Chico, California a few moments ago. Several reports of funnels and brief tornado touchdowns have been received during the past half hour to 45 minutes from this area. This storm is drifting slowly toward the East.

In other wild California weather news today, moderate to heavy snow is falling a mere 70 or so miles East/Northeast of this area in the Sierra-Nevada range this evening.

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