Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Tulsa Area / Eastern Oklahoma

The Tornado Watch has been locally extended Eastward across portions of Eastern Oklahoma, including the Tulsa Metro Area and McAlester.  Since the original watch expiration time was 10pm, that is still the case, but the watch will be replaced and/or extended Eastward by that time.

Intense thunderstorms, some tornadic, continue in central Oklahoma, generally running along I-35 from the Kansas border to the Texas border.  From Oklahoma City northward, the activity has formed into more of a line, while activity South of Oklahoma City is more isolated or widely spaced.

Very large hail and damaging tornadoes are possible with all of this activity as it continues moving Northeast at 35 mph.  The overall line (broken or solid) is moving Eastward at about 20 mph.  At this present rate of movement, the Tulsa area should prepare for severe weather (including possible tornadoes) between 7 and 8pm this evening.

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