Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Severe Weather Outlook for Today...

Today, the primary severe weather threat shifts Eastward into the upper Midwest, Great Lakes and Ohio Valley.  Chicago and Detroit will both be under the gun from a threat severe storms later today & this evening.  Large hail and damaging winds will be the primary threats, although at least isolated tornadoes are also possible.

The greatest threat today will be in the red shaded area on the image above, with a less widespread risk of severe weather in the yellow shaded areas.   I think we may see that yellow (slight) risk category shifted back Southwestward into Missouri along the cool front on the mid-morning update from the SPC.

Further Southwest, isolated thunderstorms are possible from southwest Missouri into portions of Oklahoma and northwest Texas, along the same frontal boundary that will produce more widespread severe weather further to the Northeast.  A strong capping inversion will exist across this region this afternoon, however any storm that does manage to develop could become severe, with large hail the primary threat.

I'm getting ready to head off to Dallas now to meet up with the Radio Shack team.  We'll then be on the road to meet up with the Weather Channel's "Great Tornado Hunt" up in the Northern Plains.  Stay tuned!


The Planet Pink said...

Happy hunting!

Shamrock said...

Good Luck and Be Safe, Rob!