Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Missouri

The above image was just taken from the Kansas City area radar.  As you can see, several bands of strong to severe thunderstorms are spiraling around an area of low pressure centered very near the Kansas City area at this time.  The small red funnel cloud icons illustrate the number of funnel cloud sightings that took place as some of the same storms moved through Kansas City on the lunch hour.

Only 2 actual touchdowns were reported, one in Overland Park and one in Harrisonville, and those are reported as having been "brief" with no damage or injuries reported (per the media and storm reports) at this time.

The storms heading East currenly toward Boonville and Pilot Grove produced several actual tornado reports near Sedalia.  The rotation appears stronger on this storm than compared to storms that moved through Kansas City, so if you live in the path of this storm (including the Columbia area), please seek shelter as these storms approach.

Severe thunderstorms will continue East across much of Missouri throughout the afternoon, as a strong upper level low pressure system moves across the region.  Tornado Watches continue for the area until 6pm CDT:

The threat of severe weather, including tornadoes, will reach the St. Louis Metro area later this afternoon, most likely after 3-4 pm...toward the rush hour. 


The Planet Pink said...

Thanks for the KC info! And ugh, rush hour. Next to middle of the night, that's got to be the worst time for a tornado to strike a metro area.

Anthill_Goddess said...

Thank you so much! I've been in contact with my friends down there (one in Olathe and one in Raytown). The report I got is that the brief touchdown in Overland Park did minimal damage...mostly trees.
I concur with *ugh* about these storms heading into a metro area at rush hour! Hoping there's little damage and no deaths that too much to ask for? *Sighs*

Shamrock said...

Speaking as someone who was hit by a tornado at around midnight-I concur. We had to run to our shelter which is a decent 30-60 second jog-we also live in the mountains where there are no street lights. It was not fun. I too pray and hope that the fatalities are 0 for today!! I am SO glad to see you're safe, Planet Pink!!