Monday, May 23, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Tulsa Metro Area / NE Oklahoma

The above image was just taken from the Tulsa area radar.  A line of strong thunderstorms, capable of gusty winds to 50-60 mph and hail up to marble size is advancing Eastward at 30-35 mph toward the northwest corner of Arkansas.  

Another cluster/band of strong to severe thunderstorms extends from near Stillwater to Guthrie to just northwest of Kingfisher.  This activity is moving East /Southeast at 25-30 mph, and is capable of 1 inch to golfball size hail, strong winds of 50-60 mph and torrential rainfall.  There is also a threat for isolated tornadoes with this activity, probably for about another hour.

In between, showers and non-severe thunderstorms stretch West to East through the Tulsa Metro area, on toward Inola.  This activity is generally moving Eastward at 20 mph.

The cluster of storms from Stillwater on Westward will continue to advance East/Southeast into parts of northeast and east-central Oklahoma this evening.  If present trends continue, the strongest part of this activity would pass to the South of Tulsa.

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