Monday, May 30, 2011

High Plains Action Getting Underway...

***Update, 5:45 PM CDT:
...and the tornado reports come rolling in:

Red icons with Tornado in them are on-ground tornado reports; green icons with 3 dots are large hail reports.

----------------------------------Original Post Below:

The above thunderstorm is rotating strongly on radar, located near the Nebraska/South Dakota border, about 65 miles North/Northeast of Broken Bow.  No on ground reports yet, and believe me, if it were producing something on the ground we'd know it.  According to the spotter/chaser GPS tracker app, there are nearly 75 chasers/spotters observing this storm at the present time (and those are only the one's reporting with GPS tracking).

I suspect this is the same region we'll be deploying to tomorrow with the Radio Shack Team, on the way to meet up with the Weather Channel and "The Great Tornado Hunt 2011".  Tomorrow really looks to be an "off day" in the Plains severe weather wise, but a good day to get into position for Wednesday's severe weather which will likely be in much the same region as today.

We'll be testing out some really cool new equipment that can help you protect your family during severe weather (and even help you get some great video if you're a storm chaser).  I'll be live blogging and sharing photos/video as well.  

Please stay tuned!

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