Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Problems With Blogger - Again

As I noted earlier this evening, I've been having sporadic problems with Blogger this evening.  Right now the problem is that I can't update the blogging status.  It's stuck on "Elevated Blogging".  I've been trying to change it to "Standard Blogging" for the night, but keep getting a javascript error.  According to the Blogger troubleshooting site, this is a "known problem for some users...." right now and they are working to fix it.

So, please consider this notice that I've gone back to standard blogging mode.  If you live in western Missouri or western Arkansas, please monitor local weather and news media for updates overnight.  As I mentioned in the post right before this one, a potentially dangerous situation will persist well into the night for these areas.  Please be sure that you have a way to receive warnings for your area if issued.

It got kind of crazy this evening.  While there is much damage in central and parts of eastern Oklahoma, I have not heard of widespread/significant casualties.  The loss of even 1 life is too many (and there have been fatalities in the OKC suburbs - last count I saw was 6), so please don't get me wrong.  I'm just grateful that the situation in Oklahoma did not turn out as bad as it could have.  We will hope and pray for similar results in Missouri and Arkansas overnight tonight.

I hope you all have a safe night!

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