Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado/Severe Weather Update - OKC Metro Area

***Update, 6:40 PM CDT:

Thunderstorms have assumed a linear configuration from OKC on northward to the Kansas line, with more discrete storms to the South.  None are indicating organized, strong rotation at this time, however with strong wind shear existing across the region, tornadoes could form with any one of these storms at any time, particularly for the cell in southeast Oklahoma County, and the cells southward toward the Texas border.

Please don't be lulled into a false sense of security.  This type of "cycling" of thunderstorm activity is not uncommon in a situation like this.  The stronger upper-level energy has yet to move overhead from the West, and this activity could reorganize and rapidly intensify at any time.

Individual storms are moving Northeast at 35-40 mph, while the overall area of storms is moving East at 25-30 mph.

A Tornado Watch continues until 10pm CDT.

***Update, 6:13 PM CDT: 

There is not a particularly identifiable / strong or organized circulation on radar at any specific location in OKC at this time, however numerous reports of lowerings and rotation are coming in, mainly on South and West sides of the city.  These are dangerous storms and could produce a tornado at any time, so please remain in your shelter until threatening weather passes.

***Update, 5:50 PM CDT:  The image below shows 2 potentially violent tornadoes on the ground.  One is entering Newcastle and will move Northeast at 35 mph toward Moore and north Norman. Seek immediate shelter in these areas.

The other is located between Dibble and Criner, moving toward Washington, Slaughterville, and Noble.  If you live in these areas, seek immediate shelter.

---------------------------------------------Original Post:

Tornadoes are indicated on radar just West/Southwest of Criner, and due North of Blanchard, approaching Newcastle. 

If you live in Newcastle, Criner, Dibble, or Washington, seek immediate shelter.

These are very large, rain wrapped tornadoes.  You will not be able to see them coming - seek shelter immediately!

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