Friday, May 27, 2011

Severe Weather Outlook for Today

Severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon & evening anywhere within the yellow shaded areas on the image above. 

A surface dryline will become better defined today from Kansas into Oklahoma, along or just West of I-35 by late afternoon.  The atmosphere in this region, while becoming increasingly unstable, will also be very strongly capped.  This means that thunderstorm development late this afternoon & early this evening will be isolated.

Any thunderstorm that does manage to form would likely be severe, with very large hail and damaging winds the greatest threat.  An isolated tornado also cannot be ruled out, but this is not the primary threat today.

Thunderstorms may form on a more widespread basis across this region tonight, mainly along and either side of the Kansas/Oklahoma border into adjacent corners of southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas.  This development will occur near a warm front lifting North across the region, as moist, unstable air continues to flow Northward after dark.  Large hail would be the primary threat with this activity tonight.

In the Northeast, scattered clusters or small lines of severe thunderstorms are forecast to develop this afternoon as a frontal boundary and upper-level weather disturbance continue to impact the area.  Large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes will be possible with this activity.  Severe weather is not expected to be as widespread in this region as it was yesterday.

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