Monday, May 23, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Oklahoma

The above image was just taken from the OKC area radar.  Intense, supercell thunderstorms continue in a broken line extending from southwest of Wichita Falls to just northwest of Oklahoma City to a larger cluster of storms from near Enid to near Guthrie.  

The northern cluster of storms is moving East/Southeast at 25 mph, while the more isolated storms further South are moving toward the East at 30 mph.

Any one of the isolated storms is capable of producing very large hail and a tornado.  The cluster of storms could also produce large hail and an isolated tornado.  

Meanwhile, further East, a larger area of rain and embedded thunderstorms continues over northeast Oklahoma.  The stronger storms from near Pryor to Wagoner could produce small hail and strong, gusty winds.  This activity is moving East at 20 mph.

Tornado Watches continue for much of the region through this evening.


The Planet Pink said...

Once this complex of storms passes, are we in the clear for the night?

Rob In Texas said...

It looks to me like the activity West of Stillwater will move just south of Tulsa later this evening. It is starting to turn more toward the ESE or SE than moving due East. It is following the outflow boundary from this morning that has now been pushed South of Tulsa by the thunderstorms and showers that are taking place across the area now.

Some of the storms across south Tulsa are getting stronger, with small hail possible for the next half hour or so.

Give it another hour and we'll know for sure if you're in the clear... but it's looking good as far as the greatest severe risk passing south of you.

McKeatings said...

I think I saw this one from my window on a flight out of chicago to houston last night. It was jaw dropping! It was magnificent! HUGE and it was still gaining height as we flew past it. I worried about the people below. I've never seen anything like it. We flew quite close to storm. I think I was the only person who didn't mind missing my connecting flight in Houston due to the extra delays- but it was worth it to see such a sight! We were flying over a forest of cumulus babies and under a swirling sea of heavy gray mammatus clouds. I'm glad I was there instead of on the ground!