Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornadoes Can Handle Rough Terrain

I am often asked if tornadoes can strike areas with rugged terrain (like hills, mountains, etc.).  My simple answer is always "yes", but since a picture is worth a thousand words (and a video is worth 1000+ words), take a look at this footage from near Empire, AL.  It was shot this past Wednesday, 4-27-11:

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Shamrock said...

Rob, I had been warning people ALL day about the nasty weather situation that was unfolding on Wednesday. They blew me off. They told me, "We haven't had a tornado here since 1984" or, "Tornados can't breech our mountain." My Mother in Law went to bed after seeing a tornado warning for our area!!! She wasn't the only one with that mindset. I didn't believe it, though. I had asked you if tornadoes could get in our mountain and you told me yes. When the warning came up and listed cities that were 15-25 minutes from us I made way to safety. The warning had the tornado hitting a city 15 minutes from us at 11:45. I was of course in shelter when the next tornado warning came up and listed us in it's path!!! I learned this the next day when I looked at the warnings/radar for our area. I asked my Husband when he realized a tornado was going to hit us. His answer? "I knew it was a tornado when the tornado hit." He told me afterwards he didn't think one was going to hit and he was just playing along with me! When we were running for safety I stopped and banged on the door of a neighbor and told him one was coming....he laughed! He's very lucky the tornado didn't hit us directly like it did across the creek. Never in my life have I ever wanted to be so wrong about something. I haven't told anyone, "I told you so" either. I just hope this wakes them up. LISTEN TO THE WEATHER WHEN IT'S SEVERE AND YOU ARE UNDER WATCHES/WARNINGS!!!! I watched the weather and radar all day and so when it did come time to go to a shelter I had a 15 minute head start!!!