Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Massive "Chaser Convergence" in Oklahoma!

The above image shows that the phenomenon I've dubbed "Chaser Convergence" is underway in full force across portions of Central & Western Oklahoma this afternoon...

The red, yellow and green dots show the locations of storm spotters and/or storm chasers that have chosen to broadcast their locations via GPS.  The garbled text is their name, call sign, etc. (many of which you won't be able to read because of the volume of activity).  

Keep in mind, these are only the folks who've chosen to broadcast their location.  There are many, many others who have either chosen not to broadcast their location, or don't have the GPS technology available to do so.

Many a Dairy Queen in Oklahoma will benefit from this event today, regardless of whether or not a single thunderstorm ever forms!

1 comment:

KC5FM said...

How MANY of these folks are doing a SAFE chase?

As @WX5EM tweeted:

"Chaser, If there's 35 power poles in a mile and you stream passing more than 35 in a minute, how FAST are you going? #Skywarn doesn't do it."

One of these folks was observed driving left of center more than once.

I hope they get a lesson before they get a ticket, a trip to the hospital, or a trip to the morgue.