Saturday, May 21, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Central Texas

The above radar image was taken just a moment ago, and shows an intense thunderstorm over Burnet and western Williamson counties in central Texas.  The radar is indicating some rotation with this storm, and a Tornado Warning has been issued.

In addition to the threat of an isolated tornado, very large hail of golfball to tennis ball size or larger is likely with this storm.  It is moving East/Northeast at 15-20 mph.

If you live in Florence or Jarrell you will be threatened with potentially very large hail.  The part of the storm that could produce a tornado will move South of those areas, just to the North of Serenada.

The storm to the West of this one, to the Northwest of Burnet, is also starting to show signs of rotation.  Very large hail is also indicated with this storm, which will move over mainly rural areas of Burnet County, North of SR-29.

If you live in the path of either of these storms, seek immediate shelter.


texazranches11 said...

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Rob In Texas said...


Thanks for the comment (I'm sorry it didn't post immediately - the google system put you in the spam folder for some reason). That shouldn't happen again as I've told the system you are not a spammer.

I'm glad to hear you were able to use the information...stay safe!