Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interesting Storm in SE Colorado...

The above image was just taken a moment ago from the Pueblo, CO radar.  The left half of the image shows the radar in reflectivity mode (rain, hail, etc,), while the right half of the image shows the radar in velocity mode (wind speed & direction).

Remember, when looking at the velocity part of the image, the reds show wind blowing away from the radar, while the greens show wind blowing toward the radar.  The radar site is located off of the screen, toward the left center portion of the image.

The radar shows low-level rotation to the Southwest of Arlington, CO, near the Kiowa / Otero county lines (as shown by the white circle).  This storm is moving East/Northeast at 30 mph, with large hail also likely.

If you live in Arlington or Haswell, be alert for large hail and possibly a tornado.

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