Saturday, May 21, 2011

Intense Supercells Continue in Northcentral Texas...

***Update, 5:12 PM CDT:

The storm near Gatesville is losing rotational characteristics, but is still intense, with very large hail likely.

Meanwhile, this storm northwest of Burnet is starting to rotate.  Radar estimates tennis to baseball size hail with this storm as well:

This storm is moving East/Northeast at 15 mph toward US 281.  Persons in the path of this storm should seek immediate shelter.

-------------------------------------Original Post:

I have annotated the latest Granger, TX radar image above, to illustrate where the radar indicates the large hail and possible tornado are located on the storm between Jonesboro and Arnett.  This dangerous storm is moving East at 15 mph.  

On its present track, the most dangerous part of the storm would pass just North of Gatesville between 5:15 and 5:30.  Residents in the path of this storm should seek shelter immediately.

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