Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Austin/San Antonio Corridor

The image above was just taken from the San Antonio/Austin radar near New Braunfels.  As you can see, thunderstorms have yet to materialize to the South toward the Austin / San Antonio areas.  This is due to a strong capping inversion just above the surface level.

As shown on the latest visible satellite image below, towering cumulus clouds are present to the Southwest along and ahead of the dryline (red circled region on the image):

We will need to continue to monitor this region for possible development over the next couple of hours.  Any thunderstorm that does form could become severe quickly, with large hail & damaging winds the primary threats.  This threat will be greatest through sunset.  Anything that developes within the indicated area would have the potential to move East toward the I-35 corridor later this evening.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch continues for much of central Texas, including the Austin Metro area, until 10pm CDT:

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