Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Tulsa Metro Area

***Update, 5:52 PM CDT:
Very strong winds of 65-70 mph are indicated in that portion of a line of storms near Fair Oaks (as indicated by the white circle on the image below:

This area of very strong winds will pass between Inola and Claremore during the next 15 minutes.

Elsewhere, gusty winds of 40-50 mph can be expected along and ahead of the line of thunderstorms as it advances East/Northeast at 40-45 mph across the region:

***Update, 5:29 PM CDT:
Another even stronger band of winds, on the order of 55-65 mph, is now indicated just Northeast of Bixby, and will move to near Coweta and the southeast side of Broken Arrow during the next 10-15 minutes (note white circle and red arrow on image below):

--------------------------Original Post of 5:25 PM CDT is below:

The leading edge of a strong to severe line of thunderstorms is moving into Tulsa at this time, as shown by the latest radar image below:

The next image is from the same radar, but zoomed in closer to Tulsa.  The red arrows show the leading edge of a band of 50-60 mph wind gusts, according to the radar.  This band of strong winds will overspread mainly the northern half of the city over the next half hour:

Otherwise, very heavy rain, gusty winds of 30-40 mph and possibly some hail of pea to marble size can be expected with most of this activity.

It is moving East/Northeast at 45 mph.

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