Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bering Sea "Super Storm" Pounding Northwest Alaskan Coast...

The above infrared satellite image shows the Bering Sea Super Storm slamming the coast of Alaska this morning. The lowest surface pressure I could find on recent observations was 28.18 inches of mercury at the Tin City Airways Facility, on the Northwest coast:

The winds at the same location have gusted in excess of 80 mph during the early morning hours (dashed green line on the image below, scale on the left hand side) and are currently sustained at 55 mph with gusts to over 65 mph:

A bit further South, in Nome, snow and blowing snow are taking place, and the current radar shows widespread precipitation extending well offshore, yet to move inland:

Winds are sustained near 40 mph with gusts up to 55 mph in Nome.  They have gusted over 60 mph at times during the overnight and early morning hours:

The pressure in Nome is currently 28.69 inches of mercury, a drop of over 1 inch of mercury in the last 10-12 hours:

The storm will continue to pound the western and northern portions of the state today, particularly along the coastline where extensive beach erosion and storm surge flooding will take place, along with locally heavy blowing and drifting snow.

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