Thursday, November 3, 2011

Threat of First Freeze Expands In Texas Tonight/Early Friday...

The threat of the first killing freeze of the season has spread across quite a chunk of real estate in Texas for tonight and early Friday.

Above is the forecast temperature map from the NAM computer model, valid at 7am CDT Friday morning.  I have pointed out the location of Austin on the image.  While the model is not forecasting a freeze directly in the city of Austin itself (but rather a low around 35 degrees or so), it is calling for temperatures of 32 degrees or lower in the outlying suburban areas of town, and I agree with that completely.  The city of San Antonio will also probably be protected by warm urban influences, but outlying suburbs will get very near, or right at freezing tonight in that area as well.

Anywhere you see the extremely light pink (almost white) to pink areas on the map are likely to have a hard, killing freeze tonight.  This includes much of central, east-central and even parts of southeast Texas that have not yet seen a temperature of 32 degrees so far this season.

If you have any young or otherwise tender plants or vegetation in these areas, bring them inside or cover them up tonight to protect them from the freeze.

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