Sunday, November 6, 2011

Record 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake in Oklahoma Late Yesterday Evening...

The strongest earthquake ever recorded in the State of Oklahoma took place yesterday evening at about 10:53 PM CDT.  The 5.6 magnitude quake was centered 14 miles North of Shawnee, Oklahoma, or about 35 miles East of Oklahoma City, as you can see on the maps below:

This was centered very near Prague.  The earthquake was felt strongly across central Oklahoma, and the 2 blue rings closest to the center of the quake on the population impact image below had trembling that was strong enough to cause at least minor structural damage:

As far as feeling the earthquake in general, reports were widespread.  As you can see on the community "I felt it" image below, the earthquake was felt as far West as Lubbock, as far East as St. Louis, as far North as Salina and Kansas City, and as far South as Dallas:

So far, the only damage I've seen has amounted to food spilling out of cabinets, etc.  This report from a local media outlet stated there was "significant damage" in Southern parts of Lincoln County.  I'll update this post throughout the day as any pictures and/or video become available.

Several aftershocks have taken place during the night and are likely to continue today.  The record quake is highlighted in yellow on the chart below, and the aftershocks are noted by the red arrow extending up from the time of the record quake.  You can see that a couple of the aftershocks registered with a magnitude of 4.0:

By the way, the former record for an Oklahoma quake was 5.5 near El Reno back in 1952.

Stay tuned for any significant updates during the day today...

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