Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weather Update Austin-San Antonio Corridor...

The Northern end of the precipitation area, which will impact Austin, has slown its Eastward progression, and is now moving at about 20 mph.  Meanwhile, new thunderstorm and shower activity are developing from the East side of San Antonio through New Braunfels and up toward Bastrop.  This activity is lifting to the North/Northeast at 25-30 mph, and may actually impact the Austin area before the larger area of rain moves in from the West.  Bottom line, both of these areas will converge across Austin by about 9am CST.

Most of the precipitation that is moving toward Austin will generate 0.5 to 1 inch of total rainfall.  However, any mergers of the activity coming up from the South with the activity moving in from the West could result in locally heavier amounts - upwards of 2 inches.

Meanwhile, very heavy rain continues across much of the San Antonio Metro area at this hour.  The radar is estimating that rain is falling at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour across the western and southern portions of the city, as shown on the image below (scale in inches for 1 hour of rain at left side of image):

The main, solid precipitation area is moving Northeast at 25 mph across the City of San Antonio, however additional shower and thunderstorm development is taking place back to the South and Southwest (yellow circled area on the radar image below), which will continue to move Northeastward and impact parts of the region through mid-morning:

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch continues until 11am CST, however there are no severe thunderstorms indicated across the region at this time.

I expect the main threats across the Austin-San Antonio area to be locally heavy rainfall and dangerous lightning.

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