Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Major Change in Weather to Spell Trouble for Many This Weekend...

I tucked the following two paragraphs into the very end of my recent post regarding the severe weather threat in the Mississippi and Tennessee Valley region for today, and wanted to pull them out into their own post in case you missed it:

"Looking ahead to tomorrow and Thanksgiving Day, nothing has really changed since my update on Saturday, with rather uneventful weather instore for most of the country.

The upcoming weekend continues to look very active with a major change in the weather.  There are likely to be significant travel concerns across a large part of the central and eastern U.S. this weekend and into early next week.  Stay tuned for a detailed post on this later today..."

I want to evaluate the morning and midday model data for consistency before making a detailed post, but I'll have more out later today for sure...

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