Friday, November 18, 2011

Cold Air and Snow Invading Northwest/Northcentral U.S. As Promised...

On the weekly outlook posted this past Saturday, I mentioned that cold air and snowfall would increase across the northwest and northcentral U.S. by today.  In case you don't live in those areas and think that I'm crazy, take a look at the latest surface weather map below.  The purple and pink areas show temperatures generally 15 degrees F or lower, as shown by the scale in the upper left hand corner of the image:

If we zoom in on the northcentral Plains and add the surface data, you can see a temperature of 3 degrees F at Williston, ND and Glasgow, MT.  Along the border of Montana and Canada, temperatures are hovering around or just below Zero:

Snow is increasing across the region as well, as shown on the latest radar mosaic image below.  Keep in mind, radar coverage is sparse in the higher elevations of the central and northern Rockies and the Pacific Northwest, so not all of the precipitation is shown here:

Snowfall amounts of 4 inches or more are forecast across much of the region tonight and into Saturday.  Amounts are likely to exceed 4-6 inches in the green outlined areas, and 6-8 inches in the red outlined areas shown below.  More than 1-2 feet of snow will fall in the higher elevations:

For regular readers, the weekly outlook may be delayed tomorrow.  I am massively behind on getting the Christmas light display set at my home.  Our tradition for 15 plus years has been for the Griswold, er, I mean, White, family Christmas display to be lit on Thanksgiving evening.

Clark Griswold's Attempt to Match my Christmas Light Display

We are in danger of not getting the job done this year.  I'll be working night and day this weekend to try and avoid a tragedy.  (The fact that I seem to be the only one in the family worried about this is beside the point).

Anyway, I will effort a post focused on the peak Wednesday-Thursday travel period ASAP on Saturday...

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