Monday, November 7, 2011

Double Whammy: Another Oklahoma Earthquake - With Ongoing Severe Weather!

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake took place at about 8:46 PM CST this evening, centered 6 miles Southeast of Sparks, OK (very near where the record quake took place over the weekend).

The US Geological Survey has yet to rule on it, but my gut tells me this is another aftershock from the record 5.6 quake on Saturday.  This latest trembler was felt in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, according to preliminary reports.

Meanwhile, a line of strong to severe thunderstorms is pounding the same area:

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Anonymous said...


Has an earthquake ever taken place in a tornado watch area before?

Rob In Texas said...


That's a very good question. Let me do some research on simultaneous earthquake's and severe weather and I'll make a post.

You may need to give me a few days...I have some other projects going on that have to be completed on a deadline...



Rob In Texas said...

Follow-Up to Anonymous,

This is turning out to be a rather cumbersome process. You have to pull earthquake reports (I'm using 4.0 magnitude or greater) on the USGS website, and then cross-check them against the SPC's Tornado Watch database.

So far, I haven't found another occurrence like the one in Oklahoma on Monday evening, where a 4.7 magnitude earthquake took place inside of a valid Tornado Watch area.

Trivial I know, but still kind of cool, and yet another example of why Oklahoma is the place to be for fascinating weather and geological events!