Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fierce Winds, High Seas of Bering Sea Storm Pounding NW Alaska...

The Bering Sea "Super Storm" continues to hammer away at the west-central and northwestern coast of Alaska at midday. This video taken from Nome (and I don't recommend doing this) pretty well says it all:

The extremely low pressure and strong winds with this storm have been phenomenal.  Check out this graph of observations from a buoy located at Red Dog Dock, AK (which is North of Nome along the Northwestern coast):

As I've pointed out on the graph, winds have gusted in excess of 80 mph, and the barometer is bottoming out the chart, currently at 28.82 inches of mercury - and still falling.

Another impressive buoy chart comes from the Norton Sound at Nome:

A minimum pressure of 28.66 inches of mercury was observed before the barometer started to rise again.  Winds are gusting between 65 and 70 mph, with snow still falling.

Storm surge of 10-12 feet is taking place along the northwestern and west-central coast, with waves as high as 40+ feet out over the Bering Sea.

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Belfor West Chicago said...

40+ waves wow I definitely would not want to be anywhere near that thing