Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Tornado Watch Ohio / West Virginia...

The above Tornado Watch was just issued for much of central and eastern Ohio and portions of West Virginia. It is valid until 9pm EST. This tornado watch includes the cities of Columbus, Cleveland, Canton-Akron, Zanesville, Parkersburg, Charleston, Huntington and Beckley.

Strong to severe storms are moving up into this region from the Southwest, and additional development will take place across the region during the afternoon hours as well.

Large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes are all possible with the activity this afternoon and evening.

If you live across this region, be sure to remain alert this afternoon and evening.  Listen to local media or another trusted source for the latest weather information and possible warnings.  Take a few moments to review severe weather safety and preparedness tips, that way you're ready to take action when threatening weather approaches your area.  This includes identifying the best sheltering option and having a plan in place to get there quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Our local news (WOAY) never issued any warnings about this storm or the possibility of tornados. The new meterologist said it was to be just a thunderstorm. Well, my son not only wittnessed a tornado but was in his truck when on touched down just a few hundred yards away. He was OK, but a huge red oak was picked straight up and landed on a house and garage one house up from where he was. He ran to check if anyone was home, but luckily they weren't. His truck had minor damages from large tree branches flying into his truck as he tried to get out of the path of them. As he made his way back home (only 5 miles away), it took him over an hour to get there. He had to constantly stop and remove debris from the road. Once home he saw even more tornado damage to several homes including the neighbor's house which had three trees resting upon it. His new shed he'd just finished building a few days earlier was compltely destroyed and another shed had damage. Our house was spared any damages, but another neighbor had roof damage and many uprooted trees as well as several more neighbors around us. All the neighbors said that the tornado passed right across our back yard coming from the north/northwest direction, the area where my son had been just an hour earlier where the tornado originated from. I thank GOD that everyone I know made it through without any injuries, but the mental stress will take a good while to heal. We gave up our generator to our one neighbor so they wouldn't lose their large freezer of food and took our small freezer over to their house so we wouldn't lose our food, the neighbor is also insulin dependant and by doing this saved their months supply. My son started that night cleaning up the mess from our yard then started helping the neighbors in cutting and hauling tree debris away. Now he's helping friends of his in clearing their yards. He has a chainsaw and a truck so he's in high demand with all his friends. None of us will ever forget the Summer Storm of 2012. I choose to go and stay with my boyfriend for the duration of the massive power and water outage even though he was in the same shape, I was a greater help where he lives to him and his neighbors that are elderly. My boyfriend and I became the "411 center on the mountain" even though we were many miles from town, he was prepared with a generator and had filled many jugs/containers with enough water for several days in case water was contaminated and he had ample canned food to eat. We had many call us asking where to go for fuel, water, food and weather updates. The generator abled us to have tv and radio, while the ones who called had nothing to get information through.
We kept telling our adult children (8 between us, #9 is a minor) to buy a generator for an emergency (only 1 listened), two had to buy large screen tv's and video games instead, two didn't have the means and the other two- who knows their excuse, but as they found out a tv doesn't keep the food good in a fridge or freezer when power goes out. Generators are on the list for next tax season. And a battery operated radio is a must too. Also it is always good to have an emergency supply of canned food and bottled water on hand along with a flashlight and extra batteries for it and the radio.