Monday, February 20, 2012

Severe Weather Update - Kansas/Oklahoma...

In a post earlier this morning I mentioned that a few thunderstorms could become strong to severe from central Kansas into central Oklahoma late this afternoon or this evening.  The latest updated outlook from the SPC (above) is now forecasting a "slight" risk of severe storms within the yellow shaded areas on the image, corresponding to the same area we talked about earlier.

As mentioned before, hail near severe limits will be the greatest threat, however with already very windy conditions across this region, it won't take much force from a thunderstorm to produce damaging wind gusts either.

The SPC outlook also mentioned a risk of a few isolated tornadoes as well.  This can indeed take place in such a situation with a "cold core" low pressure system aloft, mainly during the peak heating hours of the late afternoon.  Any such development would likely be isolated and generally of a brief duration.

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