Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mid-Afternoon Snow Update...

The above image from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM) shows observed snowfall totals through 2:35 PM CST. You can see the 11.5 inch bullseye at Cumberland.  Another 11.5 inch total was observed near Little Sioux along the Nebraska border.  Otherwise, 4-6 inch totals are widespread in the green and yellow shaded areas, with 1-3 inch totals most elsewhere across the southwest and southcentral portions of the state.

Snow continues to fall across a good portion of the region at this hour, as well as adjacent portions of eastern Nebraska (where up to 10 inches of snow is on the ground across the Omaha area):

Areal coverage of the precipitation has begun to decrease over the past 1-2 hours, and this trend will slowly continue into the evening hours.  Most of the snow is likely to end from Northwest to Southeast across eastern Nebraska by 6pm CST, and across Iowa by Midnight.

An additional 2-3 inches of snow may fall in some of the heavier snow showers between now and the time the precipitation ends, with an additional 1-2 inches likely in most other areas.

Light snow will spread into adjacent portions of northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri this evening, including the Kansas City area.  At this time it appears that accumulation across Kansas City will be very light, likely 1 inch or less.

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