Sunday, February 5, 2012

Andy Gabrielson - May You Rest (or Should I Say "Chase") In Peace

The storm chasing community lost one of its most prominent members yesterday when Andy Gabrielson was hit head-on by a (reportedly) drunk driver just West of Tulsa, OK.  He was killed, along with the driver of the other vehicle. He was on the way back home from chasing in Texas the day before.

This touching tribute was put together and posted on YouTube:

The "A.G." that you see on the map of Kansas near the beginning of the video was spelled out by the GPS locator's of approximately 56 different spotter/chaser vehicles that lined up in formation to spell out their own tribute yesterday evening.  What an impressive tribute, indeed!

You can view Andy's chase videos by going to, or by doing a search on YouTube.

Some are talking about setting up a college fund for his 3 year old daughter.  I'll post any details on that as they become available.

**Update 2/6/12:  A memorial fund has been set-up with all proceeds to benefit Andy's daughter.  The link is here.


Anthill_Goddess said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Such a shame to have gone out due to human stupidity (allegedly).

Prayers to his friends and family for peace and comfort in the days/weeks/years ahead until they meet again.

Shamrock said...

We owe a lot to the Chasers and Spotters..they're on the ground and in the eye of the storm, reporting in and keeping us informed. I did not know, Andy-but, he sounds like a kind, adventureous, brave Soul. My deepest condolences to his friends and family. God Bless..