Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Among Other Things Yesterday...1st Tornado Ever Observed in Nebraska in February!

The above video was taken yesterday evening, February 28, 2012, by an unidentified storm chaser near Stapleton, Nebraska. It shows the first tornado ever to be documented in Nebraska during the month of February.  Records have been kept back as far as 1880 (near as I can tell).  So this was definitely a major event.

Here is another, more extensive, video taken by "Colorado Storm Chaser":

The good thing about tornadoes like this one is that they take place in a very rural area.  No people or property were impacted as far as I can tell.

Nebraska is a beautiful place.  I have chased many a storm there, and the tornadoes are always as picturesque as can be...and often track through the farmland while not causing harm to anyone around.

I'll never forget chasing a storm near Broken Bow, Nebraska during the summer of 1990.  We were shooting pictures of a tornado in a rural area, while parked in a church parking lot (the church was by no means in danger or we would have gone in and warned the folks inside - the parking lot was full, the tornado was North of the church and moving to the East).  Someone came out of the church and said "are you guys lookin' for the weddin'..."  I didn't say a word to the gentleman...I just simply pointed to the tornado to the North...  He shouted a word that was probably not appropriate for church, and ran back inside...

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