Friday, February 3, 2012

Severe Weather Update - Central Third of Texas...

Severe thunderstorms continue just South of the Red River, to the Northwest of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex at this hour. Severe thunderstorm warnings are shown by the red polygons.

Additional development is taking place back to the Southwest of the Metroplex, all the way back to the South of San Angelo.  This development is taking place along a surface cold front/dryline, which corresponds with the Westward extent of low-level moisture, as you can see on the latest surface analysis below:

The green shaded areas indicate moist, unstable air (the brighter green, the more moist and unstable the air is).  This will continue to fuel development across central and northern Texas as the frontal boundary moves Southeastward this evening.

You can see additional cloud towers developing along the boundary on the latest visible satellite image below:

The yellow arrows depict the drier air moving Eastward behind the boundary, and you can see the clouds towering up along the boundary as a result.  Additional thunderstorm development will take place along this axis, as it moves Eastward, during the evening hours.

Once developed, thunderstorms will gradually move toward the I-35 corridor this evening.  The northern end of the corridor, including the DFW and Waco areas will likely be affected by mid-evening, with the southern areas (including the Austin-San Antonio area) likely affected by the 10pm-Midnight timeframe.

Large hail and damaging thunderstorm wind gusts will be the primary severe weather threats, along with locally heavy rainfall and dangerous lightning.  An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out, but the threat will not be widespread.

If you live in the middle third of Texas, including the DFW Metroplex, the Waco, Temple and Killeen areas, as well as the Austin/San Antonio area, please stay alert this evening and early tonight.  Listen to NOAA Weather Radio or another trusted source for later statements and possible warnings.

Review severe weather safety and preparedness tips now, and have a plan of action, including a sheltering location, ready in case severe weather threatens your area later this evening or tonight.

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