Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Weather Update...

Snow is winding down across eastern Kansas and Oklahoma at this hour, while spreading East/Northeastward into the Midwest and Mississippi Valley.  Light freezing drizzle and very light freezing rain are possible behind the snow shield over eastern Kansas and Oklahoma, mainly this morning.  Much of this precipitation is too light to be detected by radar, so it is not shown on the image above.

The heaviest snow is currently taking place across northwest Arkansas, where the latest run of the HRRR model is forecasting widespread accumulation of 2-4 inches with localized amounts of 3-6 inches through 12 Noon CST:

Here is the same model projection valid at 6pm CST this afternoon, as the snow spreads further East across Missouri and toward the middle and upper Mississippi Valley region:

A Winter Weather Advisory covers a large part of the central Plains, East into the Mississippi Valley today, as indicated by the purple shaded areas on the image below:

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect in the pink shaded areas on the image over portions of Arkansas, where the heavier snow accumulations are currently indicated, as well as where the potential will exist for at least light icing during the day today from freezing rain and/or drizzle.

As mentioned at the top of the post, freezing drizzle and/or light freezing rain are likely to take place off and on over portions of southeast and east central Kansas into eastern Oklahoma through around Noon CST, or shortly after.  This will mainly cause problems on elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses.

Heavier ice accumulations are possible over the Winter Storm Warning areas in northern Arkansas, where one tenth of an inch of ice accumulation is likely, and localized amounts of one-tenth to one-quarter of an inch are possible.  The threat of icing will exist in this region through this evening.

If you have travel plans today across any of the Winter Weather Advisory or Warning areas, please be sure to allow extra time to arrive safely, and check local weather forecasts before heading out.

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